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Astrology refers to the effect of movements of planets on our lives. To understand the astrology it is very important to understand the importance of correct positions of the zodiacal fixed star sign. Vedic astrology is the modern name of “JYOTISH” where “JYOTI” means light and “ISHA” means lord. So the meaning of JYOTISH is “the knowledge of light”.

Indian Astrology is also known as VEDIC ASTROLOGY. The reason to call it as “Vedic Astrology” is not because it is in the Vedas, it’s because there are several poojas and remedial measures which are done according to Vedic System. Our Indian Astrology also includes details of horoscopes of Lord Rama, Lord Krishna and other Indian Kings and Queens which were recorded thousands of years ago. It also tells about two eclipses i.e solar eclipse and lunar eclipse occurring and creating a rare 13 day lunar fortnight.

Astrology mostly followed are the ones which were written by GREAT RISHIS like PARASHARA, GARGA, VARAHAMIHIRA, JAIMINI and the ones who followed them. At that time people were not having satellites or telescopes through which they can check the positions and degree of planets. It is totally based on their divine intuition to calculate planetary movements and their effects on us.

There are two main purpose of using Astrology -

  • It is used as a tool to find out the right month, date and time to start various important events and rituals to get better results.
  • To study the luck or destiny of an individual.
According to Indian Astrology good and bad actions of our past life have a great effect on our present life and decides the karma of our present life and the action which we do in our present life decide the karma of our future life.

Astrology gives you following answer and let you know -

  • What you were born with.
  • What are your strong points and your drawbacks.
  • What your possibilities are.
  • The limitations.
  • It also tells about various remedial measures to ward off the bad effects and to enhance the good results.
  • What type of life partners and professions suit you and to expect is also indicated.
Astrology guide us is knowing what is good and what is bad, what we should do and what we should not do, how we should do and how we should not do. In this way one can have some control in our fate. Situation can be anything, it tells you how to deal with it and get success in that time also.
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