Yantra’s are the instruments that are constructed on unchallengeable rules of scared geometry. These yantra represents Gods based on specific mathematical equations and geometrical designs and help us on focusing and meditations. Every shape produce a specifi energy pattern and frequency. Yantras is the secret key to establish Resonance with beneficial energies of universe.  
  Badhamukhti Yantra   Baglamukhi Yantra   Brahaspati Yantra   Budh Yantra  
  Chandra Yantra   Kaal Sarp Yantra   Ketu Yantra   Kuber Yantra  
  Mangal   Rahu Yantra   Shani Yantra   Shri Ganesh Yantra  
  Shri Yantra   Shri Mahalaxmi Yantra   Shukra Yantra   Surya Yantra  
  Navagrah Yantra